My First Blog – Here we go!

Mr James

Wow, this is my first official blog. I’m sure there is a way of adding a tab which is ‘about me’ but while i’m here.. let me introduce myself, I’m Vernon James from Wembley, London engaged to my lovely fiancée Tishani who is currently studying in Australia. I have been working in field marketing for 10 years or so. I am in a band too which is great fun. I also have a keen interest in (as my twitter states) wellness, personal development, travelling and business that does good by doing good. I really appreciate good customer service too!

Let’s keep my first blog short and sweet. I want to share some of the wisdom -if you like, that I learn from being around successful people and from some of the great books that I read. I’m really excited about soon to be reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, it is a book that is actually calling me to read it. When i was in Costa Rica a few years ago, someone actually lent it to me and I started reading it and for whatever reason I think I ended up giving the book to someone else. Then I came across an event last year that talked about some of the concepts from the book and I was curious. I asked my facebook friends if anyone had read it, and there was some in depth, positive thumbs up responses. My fiancée also has a house-mate Tom, a tree surgeon who has been talking to her about the book and together they did some meditation guided by Tolle himself. I will update on that soon, it’s the book I will read after the one I’m currently on.
Here’s a video that was embedded in the details for that event. Makes me want to see the full movie:

I should reference the organisation too.
What do they do? A global community of people who believe we all share a responsibility to leave the world a better place and that starts with ourselves. Brilliant

Something to take away:
Very briefly I want to say that when we choose to be a victim in life -so something has happened to us where we feel that we are the one who is suffering, we are in a position of weakness. When we blame circumstances, that thinking is simply inaccurate. We must keep things in perspective. The ups and downs of life are part of the beautiful tapestry that makes us what we are. You can stay down in the mire or we can choose to rise and overcome our challenges. By overcoming you then gift yourself something that is truly special.. the life you want!

Wow, i’ve written my first blog. Thanks for reading!

Random bit
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