Why wouldn’t you?

A few questions to ask.  

Have you ever read a book that has changed your life?

Have you ever recommended it to someone else? 

Do you pile up a big library of books and hold onto them like precious gems?


Take note…. 

It is the information in books that is valuable,  not the books in themself !

In most other areas of our life we are happy to share with people tips and thoughts and experiences that would help them,  but we hold onto our books in an almost selfish display of supremacy.   

Yes you can hold onto those hardback classics that you truly value,  but give the information away and share your books.  If you don’t get them back then someone, somewhere may well have a life changing experience because of your deed. 

We’re in an age where we are very spoilt in terms of being able to get hold of books with ease. Take advantage,  add to your collection and subtract from it too!


Here’s a recommendation from me:  http://goo.gl/L8Vce    You’ll have to click to discover what it is! 





Happy Reading.Image